How to get Organized in a Tiny Apartment Kitchen

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I’m going to be real with you. I am terrible at organization. Don’t get me wrong. I love to be organized… but I really am terrible at it. With that being said, as a food lover, I have a whole lot of kitchen equipment. There is way too much stuff for my little apartment kitchen. Organizing is a necessity. I have set several goals for myself to declutter and organize my kitchen space. This will not only help me in the kitchen, but also relieve some stress from Jarrod as well.

Here is what I am doing to work towards my kitchen organization goals!

Utilize Wall Space

Did you know that you can use your wall space for more than just hanging pretty decor. Yeah! Functionality!

The wall spice rack holds a lot of my spices which frees up a lot of cupboard space and countertop space. While not all of my herbs and spices fit in this particular rack, it does free up a lot a space that I was taking up in my pantry cupboard.

p.s. Check out those super cute soap jars in the photo above. One with hand soap and the other holds dish detergent. The pumps make hand washing and dishwashing super quick and simple in the kitchen!

I attached Command hooks onto the sides of the cupboards to store my KitchenAid mixer beater attachments. I also use this method to hang and store my measuring cups and measuring spoons.

Above Cupboard Storage

While this is definitely the least ideal situation… it works. Having lofted ceilings, there is lots of extra space way up high above the cupboards. This is where I keep my biggest bulkiest items that I don’t use everyday. I currently have my rectangular and round cake keepers up there now.

Storage Containers

Utilizing storage containers can really help organization. Clear containers can be beneficial as they help you see what’s inside without needing to see the label. Keeping your pantry staples in tightly sealed containers can not only help you get organized, but also assist in product freshness.

For labeling my containers, I bought chalkboard stickers and chalk markers.

Produce Baskets

A standing produce storage basket is a perfect solution for the kitchen with minimal counter space. Produce that should be stored at room temperature can take up a lot of space on your countertops. Using a standing basket or a rolling kitchen island cart with baskets might be perfect for your kitchen.

Using a produce basket stand can add a retro general store look to your kitchen while saving you lots of counter space. The wire basket also allows airflow around your produce keeping it fresher longer!

Cookbook Shelf

Getting my cookbooks organized while also placed out in a stylish display was one of my favorite parts of my kitchen organization. I have so many cookbooks that I needed a special shelf dedicated just for them. If you have much fewer cookbooks you could also keep them in the pantry cupboard.

How do you organize your kitchen space? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

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