Welcome to Cooking with Ginger! I’m so happy you are here.

My name is Hannah. I’m the redhead gal behind Cooking with Ginger. 😊

I’m a 20-something chocoholic🍫 who loves creating and trying new recipes! A lot of my cooking knowledge comes from what my mom taught me growing up. While the rest is all self-taught as I do not have any formal culinary training.

I created this blog as a sort of “recipe file.” Often times, friends and family would ask me for recipes or to remake a food dish for them. The trouble with this, however, is that I always forget what ingredients I used. I’m a bit of a “throw-it-together” kinda gal in the kitchen. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I rarely measure ingredients or remember what I used in a dish. I needed a way to document my kitchen creations and recipe adjustments. This blog is a way that I can share my recipes with friends, family, and anyone anywhere in the world.

Here you can find easy to follow recipes with step-by-step pictures, as well as video cooking tutorials for easy, fool-proof instructions. Featured recipes will range from baked goods to budget friendly dinners. While the majority of the posts here will be recipes, I also plan to share a little bit of non-food related content about my life as well.

Although I love my sweets… I also love making healthy nutritious meals. I believe that life is all about balance. A nice mix of vegetables and chocolate keeps me happy and feeling great.

Due to my love and passion for food and science, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in May of 2018. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸŽ“

At University in 2016 I met my sweetheart, Jarrod. I wouldn’t want to adventure life with anyone else. He is the inspiration behind this site name, since he refers to me as his “ginger.” πŸ₯°

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your time spent cooking with me!

I love taking pictures! You may soon realize this due to the vast amount of photographs all over this site. All photographs on this blog were taken by me unless otherwise noted. I currently use a Canon Rebel T3i with a 50mm lens. πŸ“· Unauthorized use of any photograph from this site is strictly prohibited.

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